We can help you with your debt problems

Debt is a very sensitive issue for many people. It can appear to build up without warning, causing stress and financial burden to all those affected. Sometimes, it can be difficult to think of any solution, but there are organizations and products that are out there who can help.

Options we offer to help settle Your debt

Debt Consolidation

Someone in debt can be helped by getting one loan that pays off all the other loans, and credit card amounts. This loan would typically have lower monthly payments than the person was paying before, hence easing the burden.
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Debt Management

There are skilled professionals who understand debt and how it can be reduced through a combination of negotiation with loan companies and advice on personal spending habits.
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An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is where an agency will negotiate with your creditors in order to write off a significant proportion of someone's debt. Read our Financial Advice to Avoid Debt.
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Bankruptcy can free you from overwhelming debt and ensure all your creditors are dealt with fairly. We can advise whether this is a suitable option for you.
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There are many people at risk of falling into debt that may be difficult to manage

If you think you may be at risk,
ask yourself these questions:

1) Do you often spend more money than you have?
2) Do you often purchase things you don't necessarily need?
3) Do you have no money in your savings account?
4) Do you have any loans or mortgage payments that add up to a large percentage of your monthly income?

Those that find themselves at risk of serious debt often answer "yes" to all or most of these questions.
They find that they are often buying things that they don't need, using money they do not yet have.
They may have little money saved putting themselves at risk of falling deeper into debt should any unexpected expenditure arise.
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What Can Debt Do?

Debt is more than simply a financial issue: it is one that can affect your life as well. With too much debt, your credit scores will drop, especially if you miss even a single payment.


      With poor credit, it can be more difficult to find loans to help you purchase a car or house someday.


          In addition, in extreme circumstances, if you are unable to afford the monthly payments, creditors can force you to declare bankruptcy, allowing them the rights to your property for liquidation to help pay back the loan.


              All of your belongings will be eligible for repossession, and it can take several years to emerge from debt well enough to raise your credit score.

              Undoubtedly, getting into levels of debt that are difficult to manage can happen all too frequently. And it is sometimes very difficult in such circumstances to know what to do. It is then that the best approach is to seek out professional help. This is the purpose of CLearDebtOnline.co.uk: to help those in this situation.

How Do You Manage Debt?

With debt, the key is budgeting and moderation.


  • - Make every payment
  • - Do not spend money you do not have
  • - Do not create more debt
  • - Save extra money so that you have emergency cash available

      • If you feel this is difficult, there are credit counselors you can use to help you learn to manage your budget and cut down on your monthly expenses. There are also consolidation loans you can use to help manage your debt, by summing all your outstanding credit into one single monthly payment.


            Managing your debt may be difficult, but keeping your debts low is important for every individual. It can be all too easy to find yourself in a great deal of debt in a short amount of time. However, paying off those debts should be a priority for every individual.